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It said that Nagas were world’s guardian divinities.
It also said that the word “Naga” meant just follower, full of
knowledge and wisdom.

For Cambodians the Nagas are dedicated toward Buddhas, reincarnated souls to whom a new opportunity has been given to elevate themselves even if during the past life their acts weren’t good enough to continue along the inner light path.

Sacred and profane, tradition, knowledge and superstition, amulets towards religion.

Buddhist monks hold Buddha,divinities and the truth hidden below their monastic clothes, black ink written on golden skin, symbols of protection and awareness.

They walk towards peace and heaven knowing that it is not only the outcome of our current life that is affected by our own acts, but those same acts can also impact other people’s lives.

[words by Federica Adamoli]



“Samsara, the endless cycle of life and death, broken only by achieving nirvana…”

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Every stone tells a story, every root leads back to a beginning…


From my trip to Myanmar, November 2015


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