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Alessandro Vannucci

Italian photographer based in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia

Passionate photographer since the early nineties I became a freelance professional when I moved to Cambodia in 2008. Here I started documenting the projects of various humanitarian organizations with photographs and videos, simultaneously fueling my curiosity as a traveler and as a photographer.

In 2012 I founded Angkor Travel Photography, a tour operator specializing in photographic trips and workshops in the archaeological area of ​​Angkor, in Cambodia and throughout Southeast Asia. Based in Siem Reap, Angkor Travel Photography is registered with the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce.
To date, 2 other professional photographers, Regis Binard e Remi Abad, have become ATP members. Together we have more than 2000 visits to the temples of Angkor and hundreds of tours in other regions of Cambodia.

A few years later, Asia Travel Photography was born, with which we expanded the offer of our photographic trips to other Asian countries.

The deep knowledge of this country and of the local culture have allowed me, over the years, to optimize the photographic itineraries that have become increasingly targeted to the needs of us photographers, far from tourist standards and aimed at offering unique travel experiences. My knowledge of the Khmer language also helps to interact with the local population and helps to capture unique moments for the shots.

My personal journey in photography is not yet finished and has led me to experiment and deepen different techniques, from infrared to time lapse up to iPhonography.
I am convinced that, today, post-production applied to digital photography is fundamental and essential. During my photo workshops I teach the most advanced techniques in this field and I gladly share the secrets to make a shot special.

Today I live in Siem Reap with my wife Mom and my children Davide and Marco, a few kilometers from the archaeological site of Angkor. 

Alessandro Vannucci


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