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When the dark comes, the stars up here seem closer.

The blowing wind through the tall cypresses lullabies my sleep, while a monk is staring at the night from the roof of his monastery.

It’s like he could see them, the thousands of mantras playing and chasing in the sky, whispering.

One after another the lights fade away and only the temple’s oil lamps keep on burning. They silently guard and protect, enlightening the darkness with the light of wisdom.

[words by Federica Adamoli]


India Motherland

A selection from my trips to India

Kingdom of Wonder

Every stone tells a story, every root leads back to a beginning…

Psa Kraom

“… sunlight cuts through creating a sort of natural stage. Candles and torches draw you inside…”.

Good Bye EyEs

“…this is a train you cannot miss or change. Eyes telling you a story, eyes reflecting the past…”

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