"...this is a train you cannot miss or change. 
Eyes telling you a story, eyes reflecting the past..."
"It said that Nagas were world’s guardian divinities.
It also said that the word “Naga” meant just..."

“… In that world where Jasmine flowers cannot grow, nothing has any worth but the daily wage…”

Angkor, Cambodia
"... sunlight cuts through creating a sort of natural stage. Candles and torches draw you inside..."
"Stung Meanchey Municipal Waste Dump is located in southern Phnom Penh, the capital of..."
Algerian Desert


"Every stone tells a story, every root leads back to a beginning..."
Halong Bay, Vietnam
"Signs from the distant past and never forgottensigns of human presence..."
An iPhoneography project
From my trip to Myanmar, November 2015
A selection from my trips to India